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    736 E Main St. Brownsburg, IN 46112     317-858-9700(main)    317-858-9730(fax)
Clinic Hours: M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm, Saturday 9:00am - 12:00pm
Pricing & Services

Puppy Vaccine Package Breakdown

8 weeks  - $90.00 (DHPP, Exam, Intestinal Parasite Test, Deworming)
12 weeks - $90.00 (Follow up Exam, DHPP-lepto, Intestinal Parasite Test, Deworming)*
16 weeks - $110.00 (Follow up Exam, DHPP,-lepto, Intestinal Parasite Test, Deworming, Rabies Vaccine)*
* Additional charge may apply if first visit with us*

Tail Docking/Dewclaw Removal for Puppies < 5 days old - $37.00 each puppy + $65.00 Exam

Annual Canine Vaccine Package  - $155.00 
Includes: Rabies, DHPP, Leptospirosis , Intestinal Parasite, Heartworm Test, Annual Exam and enrolls you into our Customer Loyalty Program
Optional: Bordetella - $20.00 
                    Influenza - $34.00
   Nail Trims begin at - $25.00
               Anal Glands - $23.00
              Ear Cleaning - $25.00


Kitten Vaccine Package Breakdown
8 weeks - $90.00 (Exam, FVRCP, Feline Leukemia, Intestinal Parasite Test, Deworming)
12 weeks - $90.00 (Follow Up  Exam, FVRCP, Feline Leukemia, Intestinal Parasite Test, Deworming)
16 weeks - $105.00 (Follow Up Exam, Rabies, FVRCP, Feline Leukemia, Intestinal Parasite Test, Deworming)

Adult Feline Vaccine Package -$125.00
  Includes: Annual Exam, 1 Year Rabies, FVRCP, Feline Leukemia, Intestinal Parasite Test and Enrolls You Into Our Customer Loyalty Program

FELV/FIV Test- $60.00
Nail Trims - Starting At $25.00
Ear Cleaning - $25.00

Customer Loyalty Program

  When you get our annual vaccine package with us you will be auto enrolled into our customer loyalty program for a whole year. In order to re-enroll all you have to do is get our vaccine package with us again. 

  Benefits Of The Customer Loyalty Program

  - 5% Off All Products *Not Including Food*
  Get 5% Off All Flea And Tick Preventative, Heartworm Preventative, Prescriptions, Supplements, Shampoos, Ear Cleaners, Candles, Sprays, Chews, and More

  - 5% Off All Procedures
  Get 5% Off All Services Including: Blood Work, Exams, X-Rays, Nail Trims, Ear Cleanings, Surgeries, And All Lab Tests

These Are Some Of The Services We Offer: 
    *An Exam with the Doctor is Required to receive a proper estimate*
    Dental Cleanings 
    Dewclaw Removal (Older Puppies and Adult Dogs)
    Ear Hematoma
    Cruciate Repair
    Patella Luxation Repair
    Cherry Eye
    Third Eyelid Flap
    Bladder Stone Removal
    Eye Enucleation 

Prices Are Subject To Change
*Payment Is Due At The Time Of Service. We Do Not Except Payment Plans, However You Can Apply For CareCredit or Scratchpay *

We Are Accepting New Clients. We Do However Require a $65 Non-refundable Deposit. For More Details Click HERE

Office Examination - $65.00*

Medical Progress Examination - $45.00*
                    * General 30 Minute Appointment
Euthanasia Services

                           Private At Home Burial- $150
                                    -  Includes Exam And Procedure
​                                  - After The Procedure The Remains Will Be Wrapped In A Cloth                                                                               Pouch And Returned To The Owner To Take Home

                               Private Cremation - $380
                                  - Includes Exam And Procedure
                                           - Ashes Will Be Returned To The Owner In A Wooden Urn Along With A                                                             Clay Paw Print

                              Communal Cremation - $246
                                 - Includes Exam And Procedure 
                                                                - Ashes will be taken to the 86th & Michigan Rd Marion County Humane                                                 Society and will be laid to rest in the garden walk behind their facility

Clay Paw Print

$45.00 per print (can be purchased without ashes when coordinating a communal cremation)

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